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EX-FACTORY INC. is proud to be the exclusive Factory Distributor of HYMSON Lasers for the USA and Canada. HYMSON is a leading supplier of automation systems for new energy, automobile, consumer electronics and metal fabrication industries. As a global laser equipment manufacturer, HYMSON makes use of the most advanced and largest “smart factories” among laser manufacturers. Their worldwide sales and service team, with a reach to over (40) countries, represents a broad range of products in several industries. Our partnership with HYMSON brings a premier brand of intelligent laser equipment to the United States and Canada.

Founded with a mission to design valuable integrated laser and automation solutions for customers, HYMSON Laser brings years of experience in the high-end application field to provide an incredibly stable, effective, and intelligent user experience. Combining advanced design with a customized human-computer interaction platform, HYMSON guarantees dominant state-of-the-art technology for laser cutting machines.


HYMSON Laser has become a trusted partner for many industry leading customers, providing intelligent laser cutting equipment for sheet metal and pipe cutting, welding, and three-dimensional processing. Their products are widely used in the fields of construction, light industrial, agricultural, and petroleum equipment, as well as electrical, automobile and aerospace manufacturing.