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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us


    I would not believe how easy it was to not only get the unit we needed, but also the purchasing process. Everything was handled in a very professional manner. - Don Dean

    We've finally taken delivery of both machines and the packing on both were great. It took 3 different cranes to get that ANDI out of the container and everybody finally left here at 4:00 am this morning after an entire night of pulling and yanking. - Thanks for the tooling. Like Christmas all over! - Lance Lerman


    The LINDE was delivered yesterday afternoon. Sorry I did not get back to you then. Had a family emergency and left the office. I thank you for your prompt attention to our account. It has been great doing business with you and your company. We will be keeping our eyes on your site for future purchases. - Steven Stone

    My Buying experience… an easy transaction - [Product Manager] was great and returned my calls promptly. I am happy with the Saw and feel I paid a fair price. - David Wagstaff

    First time for MBCI, Talladega. This way we got an almost new CARLSON Clamp for less than 2/3 the price of a new one. I shall look for good woodworking equiment from EX-FACTORY before I buy new. Service is great. Shipped on time. - Bob Hilton'lee

    Sales staff was friendly and helpful in working with seller and buyer to satisfactory outcome. - Neil Dorbecker

    I spoke with [Product Manager] the listing agent, and he asked me to email him my questions. I never heard back from him, so I tried calling another [Product Manager]. I emailed him my questions and never received a response from him either. So, I called and got a hold of the [category's Product Manager] who has been awsome - very responsive and helpful. One other opportunity for improvement: Whatever mechanism you have in place that triggers shipment once payment is made, did not work in my case. A couple of weeks after payment, I called to see when I'd receive the machine (I figured I'd have received it by now) and the [Product Manager] was unaware that payment had been made. - Scott Sax

    Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. The broken part is really insignificant and easily replaceable. Saturday morning's "did you know this Saw is broken" question from the trucker ends up being 99% false alarm which is very good news. The Saw was well tarped and the trucker was friendly and quite helpful at this end. I managed to locate a friend with a Fork Lift so the unloading ended up going well also. I want to thank the seller for storing the machine through the winter. That was very helpful and much appreciated. I also want to thank everyone for all the help and good service. I am quite happy how everything turned out and do not expect or want any compensation from the seller. I look forward to having the Band Saw completely restored and then looking for some more machines to outfit my shop. If you know or hear of nice machines closer to my home, or anything special I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you again. - John Olson

    Thank you for your efforts in resolving the HOLZ-HER Panel Saw issue. I am quite satisfied with the results and feel that EX-FACTORY has lived up to the recommendations given. [The Product Manager] was very prompt and courteous. - I will certainly be a repeat customer and have already recommended your company to others looking for equipment. - Thank you again for the service and also for the cool knife! Enjoy this holiday weekend. - Todd Gleason


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