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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying About Us


    With regards to the Holzma beam saw, I understand the position you are taking as there is not much money involved in this sale [EX-FACTORY note: purchased a …$ 95,000 (new) Panel Saw for …$ 3,500]. However, it has been my understanding that EX-FACTORY backs the claims of the seller who represented the machine as "in good condition" and as represented by the EX-FACTORY listing. In our conversations the seller also claimed that the PLC was working on the saw. We understand fully that the saw is bought in "as is" condition but that condition was represented as all items in good working order as discussed. - Rather then getting into a disagreement that will get us no where… there any compromise here with regard to the present situation ??? Can EX-FACTORY help with the costs of refit ?? How about [the service technician's] time in the repairs ??? I am open to a fair solution. I have spent a LOT of money with your company over the past years and would like to continue doing so in the future so I am asking that we do not just close the door on this issue as is. - Tom Boyda EX-FACTORY Reply: Good evening, Tom: - I understand there may have been some developments since last night in regard to potential solutions that will make the Saw operable. I went to work and provided [the service technician] some phone numbers of some contacts last night, and in the meantime he came up with some alternatives involving his former boss that might have changed the equation in your favor. - I did want to address some important points in your written request below, in the context of our stated desire here at EX-FACTORY to always be separating ourselves from the competition in the used woodworking machinery market by providing superior service; both during and after the sale. - While your understanding of our policy in helping resolve problems for our customers is essentially correct, this particular instance is unique in that I specifically instructed you not to buy this machine because the control is obsolete and no longer supported by HOLZMA; and that the seller purchased it from a local auction and never ran it or powered it up himself. When you decided to move forward anyway I assumed you figured at such a low price you could afford some repairs. - I was only willing to consummate this deal with you in an “as is-where is” situation for that very reason; and you will recall I said that as a former HOLZMA Engineer I had steered our customers to other machines in the last couple years; because of our commitment to help solve after-sales issues and my intimate knowledge that this control more than likely would not work at all. - All that being said, Tom: we are all about compromise and really appreciate the opportunity to earn your business – we want you to be a happy EX-FACTORY customer! That’s why I’ve stayed involved and spent time with [the technician] on the phone after faxing schematics from my desk to get you rolling. - We’re not about to close doors with anyone, or for that matter endanger an image we’ve worked hard to build on any one sale. Please feel free to call any of us at EX-FACTORY to assist with any problems you encounter; we all stand ready to be at your service.

    My salesman was great ...he attended to my needs. The pickup arrangement was less of an experience. I had to contact them to get things going. - Tracy Hegbloom

    The staff at EX-FACTORY were very knowledgeable, helpful and answered my questions with ease. Very impressed with the facilities and the friendliness of the staff. The deal worked out great. Thanks! - Mario Grilli

    It has been busy these past few days, and I have been very slow at replying to your last email - so let me update you as to where the whole mess sits. To begin with, last week I ordered the nameplate and other items (set of spacing collars, CCW spindle label, and a special bolt required to repair the hand brake). With elbow grease, the NORTHFIELD is looking respectable, a very nice machine. Looking forward to having it in operation soon. I appreciate what you and EX-FACTORY have done in this sale/purchase, and I am a bit chagrined because there are several other machines (contrary to wife Angela's wishes) in which I am interested. I hope that, even with the glitches, this sale has been a lucrative venture for you and that in the future you might bargain in my behalf in the purchase of other dreams. - Now the rest of the story - "the missing ring." Last Friday I had the necessary ring all packaged to send to Jeff at NORTHFIELD to have them make up the missing ring. I was visiting with my brother-in-law, telling him about the precision required to fit a new outer ring to the 2 inner rings. Well before I left his machine shop, he'd turned me a new outer ring. The steel he made it from is bright chrome, yet it fits wonderfully. So, I and the NORTHFIELD have a ring (not sure what Ned will charge us - the ring is now family and I'll let Angela twist a bill out of her brother) but we will take care of it. Thanks again - it has been grand experience. If I get a chance I'll send you a picture of the new ring. - Casey Fisher

    [Product Manager] of EX-FACTORY is handling the Saws (I sent you info.). [He] is very good, and we have purchasd a number of pieces of used equipment from [him], including our NEWMAN. - Neil Miller

    The order process was easy and price was good. Thank you for your help. - Sam Hardage

    I was apprehensive about buying a used piece of equipment without seeing it first, but everything turned out very well, from the purchasing process to shipping. Thank You. - Nettie Dueck, Co-Owner

    My Buying experience was very good. I did not receive an owners manual for this Saw, but [the Product Manager] corrected this problem very quickly. - Philip Calococci


    I was well satisfied with the quality of the equipment that was offered by EX-FACTORY. I would call them again for our company's other equipment needs. Thanks again. - Jeffrey Hanke


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